Art Advisory

Investing in Contemporary Art

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Our art advisory service connects you to one of the UK’s leading art experts who can guide you to create a successful art portfolio. Our experts provide guidance and advice to individuals, businesses, and organisations in navigating the world of contemporary art.

This tailored service encompasses art appraisals, collection management and logistical advice, sourcing art works, curation, exit-plans, and more, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the art experience for clients.

Aetas Art Consultancy

Access to primary works

Bojana Popovic

Investors will have access to top primary art works, directly sourced from artist studios, as well as access to off-market and highly sought-after secondary pieces. Depending on your budget, you will be guided to create a bespoke portfolio of artworks that becomes a strong, diverse and informed investment. 

This service is reserved for those with upwards of £100,000 to invest and is by appointment only. 

Introducing Bojana

Bojana is a distinguished consultant who brings together a unique blend of academic prowess, curatorship finesse, and an in-depth understanding of the art market. She is a partner in Anarchy Art Advisory, AETAS’ preferred advisory, and works with individuals, families and corporate buyers on acquiring pieces usually from the primary market, from the most sought-after contemporay artists from around the world.

With over four and a half years of experience as a Specialist in Post-War & Contemporary Art at Christie’s, Bojana has honed her expertise in the art world. Her journey began after earning a Masters in Curating from The Courtauld Institute of Art. She then embarked on a career that saw her contribute her skills and passion to renowned institutions such as TATE Britain, The Serpentine Galleries, and a prestigious private gallery in Zurich and Paris, where she excelled as a Collection Manager.

During her tenure at Christie’s, Bojana’s dedication extended beyond her role, as she led captivating art history lectures in collaboration with Christie’s Education, enriching the academic environment and knowledge base for their MA classes.

Subsequently, Bojana transitioned into an independent art consultant. Her contributions extend to exhibition catalogues, art lectures and she serves as a valuable liaison for artists and private clients. Bojana’s enthusiasm is palpable when it comes to both established and emerging artists. In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the art world, Bojana was honoured as a ‘Top Recommended Art Advisor’ in the prestigious Spear’s 2022 Art Advisors Index.

Our vision for this platform is to bring together specialist advisers who provide a coordinated and holistic service, which is always tailored to your specific circumstances – so that you have an integrated, comprehensive, and expert approach to your financial wellbeing – in one place.

Bojana Popovic

Collecting & Investing in art

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Why Collect Art?

  • It can be a lucrative investment that grows exponentially in a short period of time.
  • It is a beautiful way to pass wealth down to the next generation
  • It is a low-maintenance asset that you can enjoy. Just insure it and hang it proudly in your home!
  • You can sometimes loan your art work to exhibitions to generate an income
  • It can open up a vibrant and social world of art events where you can meet artists and likeminded collectors.
  • Be careful, as it can take over your life!

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