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Helping you & your family and your business

It can be really confusing and frustrating to organise your financial affairs because so many experts can be involved – from financial planners to tax advisers and will writers.

The process takes up valuable time, can be costly and may sometimes result in conflicting advice. This means that you could end up doing nothing or making decisions that don’t adequately safeguard your financial future.

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Welcome to Aetas Partners - and our new approach

We created Aetas Partners to make the whole financial planning process easier for you:

  • we understand it can be difficult to know who to turn to for the right advice that suits you best
  • this is why we’ll make the whole process easier, less time consuming and ultimately ensure that you achieve your best financial outcomes.
  • you’ll have a family-centric team who will manage all the specialist professional services you may need
  • and help you to successfully navigate the complexity of financial planning for you and your family

Discover more about the people driving Aetas Partners…

Your Private Office Platform, designed by Aetas Partners

Daniel Cottam and Matthew Steiner - founders of Aetas Partners

We offer a wide range of services for you & your family, your business and your wealth through our unique “Private Office Platform.”

Our vision for this platform is to bring together specialist advisers who provide a coordinated and holistic service, which is always tailored to your specific circumstances – so that you have an integrated, comprehensive, and expert approach to your financial wellbeing – in one place.

Daniel Cottam and Matthew Steiner - founders of Aetas Partners

Help for you & your family and your business

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For you & your family

Our Lifetime Legacy Builder™ provides you with a blueprint for a comprehensive and effective approach to family wealth management. You’ll have all the key elements you need for your particular family circumstances.

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For your business

Whether you’re an owner, director or shareholder, Aetas Partners provides an effective framework, advice and support to navigate your way through business challenges – whatever the stage of your business.

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For your wealth

Coming soon – our Private Office Service for High-Net-Worth investors. We also have Aetas Club which offers high quality lifestyle events and experiences – from investments in art and wine to classic cars.

How we help you & your family

Based on our knowledge, insights and experience we’ve developed our Lifetime Legacy Builder™.

This is a comprehensive process and model that guides you through the key financial planning stages, discover the right options, and expand your knowledge and understanding about the impact of your choices.


Lifetime discovery

Explore what matters most for your specific circumstances.


Building foundations

A proactive plan built on firm legal and financial foundations


Living life well

Feel reassured and ready for whatever life may throw at you

From difficulty to peace of mind

"Thanks to Aetas, I was able to turn a difficult moment into an opportunity to secure a better future for my family. They helped me understand how my money could work for me, earning interest and growing over time. It was something I couldn't have figured out on my own.

By creating a comprehensive financial plan, I could move forward with confidence and optimism. Instead of feeling anxious about my newfound wealth, I now had a roadmap to follow, tailored to my family's specific needs and aspirations.

Aetas gave me the tools and support I needed to make the right decisions, and I am forever grateful for their help in building a solid financial foundation for me and my children - and the peace of mind this brings me".
Emily Stevens

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The Aetas Partners Club

An exclusive collection of luxury and lifestyle services which combine to provide a bespoke membership experience like no other.

Aetas Club provides you with access to unique opportunities and events that have been carefully chosen to allow you and your family to participate in iconic experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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