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Helping you, your family, and your business

It can be really confusing and frustrating to organise your financial affairs because there can be so many experts involved from financial planners to tax advisers and will writers.

The process takes valuable time, can be costly and may sometimes result in conflicting advice, which could mean you end up doing nothing to safeguard your financial future.

Next Generation

Welcome to Aetas Partners

The reason we created Aetas Partners is because we:

  • Understand it can be difficult to know who to turn to for the right advice that suits you best.
  • Want to make this whole process easier, less time consuming and ultimately ensure that you achieve your best financial outcomes.
  • Bring together a family-centric team to manage all the specialist professional services you may need.
  • Help you successfully navigate the complexity of financial planning for you and your family.
Discover more about the people who created Aetas Partners:

Goodbye frustration, hello collaboration

About us

Aetas Partners provides you with expert financial, wealth and estate planners plus a comprehensive network of specialist professional advisers.

This means your essential advisers are available in one place and they work together to ensure you receive a joined-up solution that meets your needs.

Now you can benefit from a cohesive approach which saves time, unnecessary expense, reduces frustration and maximises the power of expert collaboration.

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About us

Help for you, your family and your business

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For you

Aetas provide a comprehensive and effective approach to managing your wealth, both during your lifetime and for the legacy you plan to leave.


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For your family

We’ve created a comprehensive and effective approach to family wealth management.



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For your business

Whether you’re an owner, director or shareholder, our business service provides the framework, advice and support to navigate your way through business challenges – whatever the stage of your business.

How we help you

Based on our knowledge, insights and experience we’ve developed our Family Wealth Management Model™.

This comprehensive process will guide you through the key planning stages that will help you to discover the right options, whilst expanding your knowledge and understanding about the impact of your choices.


Lifetime discovery

Explore what matters most for your specific circumstances.


Building foundations

A proactive plan built on firm legal and financial foundations


Living life well

Feel reassured and ready for whatever life may throw at you

What clients say

"I always find the team at Aetas so helpful in connecting me with the experts that I need. They are always able to find me a suitable expert when I need one."
Penelope Groves
"The team and support are second to none. experts in their field."
Jack Hogan

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