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Feel secure

Because your financial foundations are now in place

Feel reassured

Because you’re planning to achieve your financial goals

Feel confident

Enjoy life knowing you’ve provided a legacy for your loved ones

Planning for the future

Husband and wife reviewing their finances together

Family life today can be more complicated than ever before

Navigating the financial requirements for each generation of your family can be time consuming and require you to seek out specialist expertise to ensure you receive the appropriate advice.

Once your plans are in place, keeping them updated will be a high priority so that you can ensure that your family is protected over time – because you never know what life will throw at you next!

Husband and wife reviewing their finances together

Don't put off till tomorrow, what you can do today

Couple enjoying their retirement holiday because they have finacial plans in place

Starting planning is the most important thing you can do

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are or where you are in life, you can always make positive steps to secure your financial well-being. Remember, every journey starts with the first step and by taking it now you’ll take control of your financial future and wellbeing.

Knowing who to talk to about your financial planning is the key to your success.

Our team is highly experienced and our platform brings together trusted advisory services in one place, to provide a joined up solution to your financial wellbeing. You’ll have the expertise you need at every stage in your life journey.

So, don’t leave making important decisions until tomorrow, as it may be too late.

Mortgage professional woman helping a young man to arrange a mortgage with Aetas Partners


Create a strong foundation

Supporting you

  • clarify lifetime financial objectives
  • cash flow planning
  • create a will 
  • arrange lasting powers of attorney
  • insurance & healthcare provision
  • elevate awareness & understanding
Young couple supported in their application for mortgage services, viewing results on screen


Planning to achieve your goals

supporting your family

  • financial planning
  • investment management
  • tax planning
  • legal advice
  • other investments (property)
  • other professional advice
Smart senior couple making sound decisions about managing their wealth with Aetas Partners


Leave your legacy

supporting the wider family

  • tax efficient wealth transfer

  • estate planning

  • establishing trusts

  • philanthropy

  • next generation needs & objectives

Mother, young daughter and pet dog on the move with mortgage services from Aetas Partners


Tax efficient transfer

support for beneficiaries

  • estate administration
  • probate services
  • trust administration
  • financial coaching
  • financial planning continuity
  • elevate awareness & understanding

Introducing the Aetas Partners Lifetime Legacy Builder™​

Providing you with an integrated, comprehensive, and expert approach to your financial wellbeing, in one place.

image showing the 4 steps in the Lifetime Legacy Builder process

Stage 1 Foundation: A thorough review of your circumstances to help you identify any gaps. You’ll feel secure as we help you put your firm foundation in place.

Stage 2 Planning: Create a plan to achieve your lifetime goals, with the flexibility to adjust as priorities change. Then feel reassured you’ve planned for life’s unexpected challenges.

Stage 3 Legacy: Enjoy later life and leave a secure legacy for your loved ones. Feel confident that your loved ones are supported when the time comes.

Stage 4 Transfer:​ Feel supported throughout the challenging process of inheriting wealth – and then with establishing the firm foundation for your financial wellbeing.

The collaborative, integrated approach of the Lifetime Legacy Builder™ provides you with :
  • Expert advisers who work together to ensure you receive a comprehensive solution for your needs including Wealth Management, Estate Planning and Mortgage Services
  • A cohesive approach which saves time, unnecessary expense and frustration
  • Information that empowers you to explore future financial plans with confidence, assurance and clarity.

Start making your plans

We’d love to help you achieve the dreams you desire for your family, both now, and in the future. We’ve helped many people realise their tax goals and lifetime plans – and now we’d like to help you. Simply start with a call.

Comprehensive services

Young couple discussing financial information for estate planning with Aetas Partners

Wealth Management

We’ll help you to navigate financial decisions with confidence following a plan which is tailored to achieve your goals.

Young couple supported in their application for mortgage services, viewing results on screen

Estate Planning

You’ll feel comfortable and in control of your estate planning with the support of our team of specialist advisers.

Father, holding his young sleeping child, while enjoying the sun

Mortgage Services

We offer an independent service that simplifies processes and  connects you with professionals who support you at every stage.

Client Stories

middle-aged woman relaxing at home

Susan's story - building a secure financial future

“It was hard to deal with personal loss, and navigate the complexities of inheritance. I was devastated to lose my mother and it was a tough time for me emotionally and financially. Having inherited £800,000 from the sale of my mother’s house – a significant sum of money that I had never had before – left me feeling anxious about making the right decisions for my family’s future.”

Martin's story - creating a lifetime plan

father holding his baby son, sitting indoors at home

“My friend nearly died. His accident was my wake-up call to the fact I had no provision in place for my family. Like me, he has a young family and the shock of seeing him in hospital, made me consider my situation, as well as his. How would I cope if I couldn’t work for a long period of time?”

father holding his baby son, sitting indoors at home

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