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Estate planning protects your family

We’re a specialist financial consultancy providing you with practical advice for all stages of family life.

We understand that planning to leave your estate to loved ones can be a challenging task, both practically and emotionally.

Like many others, you may delay thinking about what happens after you die, for all the usual reasons. However, estate planning is a crucial aspect of your financial strategy, just as vital as saving or investing in pensions.

Sadly, we find that many clients only seek professional guidance and take action after experiencing a major life event or the loss of a loved one.

Worst of all, some don’t take any action. For instance, over 60% of adults in the UK don’t have a will. This means your family is left uncertain, vulnerable to claims and likely to experience significant delays due to the legal process.

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Start planning your legacy

At Aetas Partners, we’ve crafted an integrated approach to help you:

  • create a solid foundation for estate planning
  • organise your investments to achieve your estate planning goals
  • minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax
  • understand your available options and associated restrictions

Managing Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a significant aspect of estate planning. Starting early and refining your plans will greatly reduce the impact of IHT. Our approach saves valuable time and ensures you feel confident in your decisions.

Stay in control, with our support

From writing your will to discussing your inheritance with loved ones, your estate planning is best started now and not postponed until it’s too late.

Estate planning is an essential part of your financial planing and is just as important as saving or investing.

You’ll feel comfortable and in control of your estate planning with the support of our team of specialist advisers.

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