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Running a business can be challenging

On the one hand, you must establish business goals for the short, medium and long-term and increase efficiency and productivity. It’s also important to improve staff loyalty and satisfaction because recruitment can be disruptive and costly. There are many conventional benefits packages available on the market, yet your business may benefit from alternatives.

You may find it challenging to allocate time and expertise to finding solutions for all these challenges. We help by bringing together the elements you need in a comprehensive way to benefit each stakeholder in your business.

Male business owner and female support staff working in the office

Introducing the Aetas Partners Business Service

At Aetas, we’ve crafted a comprehensive approach to help your business achieve your corporate objectives efficiently, while providing the necessary guidance and support to help you save time and resources. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your objectives. Then, our specialist teams work closely with you to create a bespoke framework and detailed plan. Once you have your custom plan, our team will help you implement it.

Finding the right balance is key – we ensure that our offers are attractive to your employees while also remaining financially sustainable for your company. We’ve grouped our services into four modules, each tackling different challenges that your business may encounter:

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Employee Benefits

Benefits for directors & staff:

  • pension schemes
  • private medical insurance
  • income protection
  • death in service
  • critical illness
  • salary sacrifice
Young couple supported in their application for mortgage services, viewing results on screen


Directors Planning

Benefits for directors & shareholders:

  • directors pension planning (SSAS)
  • employee share schemes
  • tax efficiency (incentives & allowances)
  • executive coaching
  • virtual director services
  • marketing services
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Wealth Planning

Benefits for staff:

  • financial coaching
  • financial planning support
  • estate planning support
  • personal development coaching 
  • workshops/surgeries



Benefits for directors & staff:

  • mindfulness
  • gym membership
  • discounts & rewards
  • employee assistance
  • childcare assistance

An innovative approach which adds value to your business

When you provide a package of benefits above and beyond salary you’ll increase the ability of your business to attract, retain and motivate your employees, which in turn contributes to efficiency and productivity.

Key benefits for your staff:

  • positive work environment
  • high morale
  • increased productivity
  • job satisfaction
  • high engagement and motivation
  • improved sense of loyalty and belonging
  • tailored to their needs

And for your company:

  • positive culture
  • increased staff productivity
  • attract and retain talent
  • lower absenteeism
  • tax advantages
  • competitive advantages (i.e. recruitment)
  • compliance and risk management

What our clients have to say

mature male business owner at his desk reading business planning documents

Dermot's story - building a solid financial foundation for retirement

“Sometimes having a successful business and a paid-off mortgage isn’t enough, especially if you have dependents like my 37-year-old son, with autism, who has always lived at home.”

Eloise's story - the importance of prioritising employee wellbeing

women in the office going through details of packages from Aetas Partners, with other people in the background

“I realised that whilst I was running a small business we were not really looking after the very people who make the business, our employees.”

women in the office going through details of packages from Aetas Partners, with other people in the background

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