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Robust financial planning


Dynamic planning for growth, succession or sale


Effective advice to ensure your business is structured correctly


Ongoing advice to maintain alignment and continuity 

Are the right plans in place to support your business?

Running a business is challenging and increasingly more complex than ever before. 

You may find that the daily pressures can take precedence over essential planning for life events, accidents and natural disasters.

Business planning will need to include comprehensive protection policies, such as keyman, public liabilty and professional indemnity insurance as well as a business (disaster) recovery and practical succession plan.

Not having these in place can leave you exposed and vulnerable and in the worst case, at risk of losing your business.

What are the implications?

Without adequate protection in place your whole business could be at risk if an accident happens.

Common examples include:
Not having a business power of attorney:
This stops critical transactions and could potentially lead to the closure of the business.

Not having a succession plan:
This could mean the business ends up being managed by people with different objectives.

We’ll help you to create a robust plan

This ensures that you:

Supporting your business

Financial Advocacy

Our business service provides you with the framework, advice and support you need to navigate your way through challenges – whether you’re an owner, director or shareholder.

Our specialist team works closely with you to understand your circumstances, and then develop and structure a dynamic plan that meets your objectives.

Implementing this plan frees up your time, provides reassurance and enables you to focus your attention on running your business successfully.

Key services include:

Why not start with an initial chat with one of our team.

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Why not start with an initial chat with one of our team.

The Aetas Partners approach

We created our comprehensive approach to family wealth management, because we saw how exhausting and time consuming the advice process could be.

This unique collaborative approach brings together all the expert advice you’ll need, including:

As a client of Aetas Partners you’ll save time, discover new options and choose solutions that suit your specific requirements.

This enables you to achieve the best possible outcomes, both now and in the future.

How we help you

Based on our knowledge, insights and experience we’ve developed our Business Wealth Management Model™.

This comprehensive process will guide you through the key planning stages and help you to choose the right options that suit your business.


Business discovery

Reviewing and identifying gaps 


Safeguarding assets

Ensuring you have the right protection and recovery plans


Thriving growth

Feel reassured and prepared for whatever challenges your business may face next

What clients say

"I always find the team at Aetas so helpful in connecting me with the experts that I need. They are always able to find me a suitable expert when I need one."
Penelope Groves
"The team and support are second to none. experts in their field."
Jack Hogan

Let’s work together

We’re a specialist financial consultancy providing you with practical advice for all stages of your business growth. As your lifetime advice team we’ll help you to develop a comprehensive plan, so you feel reassured and empowered now and for the future.

It’s important that your business planning harmonises with your personal and family planning and that you feel in control at every stage.  We’ll also ensure that you have plans in place for when you choose to leave the business as you intended.

Our experienced specialist advice team will work with you to ensure that the business is structured in the most efficient way and as tax efficiently as possible.

We always encourage you to increase your knowledge on ways to manage your capital effectively and to develop a greater awareness and focus on tax efficient planning, yet don’t worry we will ensure your plans are put into action effectively.

In addition to financial and estate planning we work with other leading specialists to provide wider complementary services which form the basis of our Business Wealth Management Model™ approach.

As a business owner, partner or sole trader

We provide a comprehensive service that includes the following:

Help for you and your family

mature male business owner in the office searching on his ipad for information

For you

A comprehensive and effective approach to managing your wealth, both during your lifetime and for the legacy you plan to leave.  

Based on our direct experience, our approach pulls together all the key elements you’ll need. 

For your family

A comprehensive and effective approach to family wealth management.  

Based on our direct experience, our approach pulls together all the key elements you will need.