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Finding the right balance between work, life, health and wellbeing can be a struggle for us all at times. As an employer, ignoring staff wellbeing could prove to be very costly to your business. Today’s workforce expects greater support in this area than ever before. Positive mental health and physical wellbeing discussions are widely publicised, leading employees to expect support in this area as part of a wider benefits package.

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Managing stress & expectations

In addition to the benefits they offer staff, wellness programs provide many vital benefits for you as their employer. They can:

  • promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • reduce absenteeism
  • boost overall health and happiness
  • demonstrate that you are a caring employer fostering a supportive company culture
  • help staff to be productive and focused

Wellness benefits not only improve employee health and morale but also contribute to cost savings, productivity, and a positive company culture.

Since Covid, many employee are accustomed to hybrid contracts involving a mix of home and office-based working, whichcreates its own set of issues around monitoring, morivation and mental health.

Connecting wealth & wellbeing

A wellness package can help to manage these stresses if the employer is prepared to invest in areas such as

  • flexible work arrangements and resources for managing increased workloads
  • promote work-life balance to support employee well-being
  • stress management workshops and mental health support to help alleviate stress
  • subsidised gym membership to promote healthier lifestyles
  • team-building activities to boost morale and create a positive work environment.
  • offer wellness stipends or mental health days to attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market.

Finally, it’s always important to listen to employees and tailor wellness programs to address specific needs and preferences within the workforce.

In each scenario, adding a wellness package can address challenges and support the health, well-being, and engagement of employees.

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