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Aetas Financial Advocacy has been created by financial experts who are passionate about empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions.

In an era where financial literacy is more critical than ever, Aetas Financial Advocacy aims to demystify complex financial concepts and provide accessible, real-world advice.

Financial advocacy centers on equipping you and your loved ones with the knowledge and resources necessary to secure your financial future and to promote economic justice.

At its core, financial advocacy combines education, estate planning, and forward-thinking strategies to empower you to make informed financial decisions, ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation, and advocate for fair financial practices and policies.

Our financial advocates strive to impart the skills and insights needed to make sound financial decisions, promoting financial literacy as a means to helping you to achieve financial independence and stability.

Whats included


Financial Education

A cornerstone of financial advocacy is education. By offering guidance on basic financial principles, budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management, advocates empower you to navigate the complex world of finance confidently.

Educational events, workshops, seminars, and online resources are key tools for disseminating this knowledge. These events are designed to break down financial complexities, making them accessible to everybody, regardless of background or prior financial experience. 

Estate Plannining

Estate Planning

Estate planning plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Estate planning involves crafting a comprehensive plan for managing assets and distributing them in accordance with your and your family’s wishes.

It addresses issues like wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, and tax strategies. Financial advocates work with you to create estate plans that safeguard wealth and assets, minimise tax burdens, and provide for the financial well-being of heirs. By doing so, they help families preserve their legacies and secure the future financial stability of their loved ones.

Next Generation

Next Generation

Financial advocacy helps to prepare the financial well-being of future generations. Advocates work with families to establish strategies and vehicles for wealth transfer that align with their values and long-term objectives.

This helps you and your family to plan for the education, home ownership, and entrepreneurial pursuits of the next generation. By doing this, financial advocates help ensure that the fruits of hard work and financial wisdom continue to benefit not only the current generation but also those to come.

Discover your Lifetime Plan


The process starts with a discovery meeting to help the advocate to understand your financial situation and goals.

Needs Assessment:

Your specific needs and priorities are assessed, these may include financial education, estate planning, or next-generation wealth management.

Goal Setting:

The advocate will help you to define clear, measurable financial goals, including objectives related to education, financial planning, estate planning, and providing for the next generation.

Develop Your Plan:

Together we develop a tailored plan that takes account of your current sitaution, short, medium and long term goals.

Build your team:

The advocate will arrange and manage the relevant advisers who will action your plan. These advisers are usually independently regulated and may include:

  • Financial Planning (FCA)
  • Legal (SRA)
  • Tax (CTA)
  • Estate Planning (SRA, IPW)

These advisers will form your team and will be involved in monitoring progress and making adjustments as needed to align with your changing circumstances.

Continual Support:

Your advocate will mange communications between your advice team and provide ongoing guidance and support for financial education, legacy planning, and next-generation wealth management, ensuring your long-term financial well-being.

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