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A cohesive tax strategy that prioritises tax efficiency across multiple jurisdictions.


A targeted strategy designed to protect the assets you’ve built.

Tax Planning

A comprehensive & robust plan designed to cover all aspects of your affairs.

Meeting your needs & those of your family

Aetas Private Office brings together a comprehensive package encompassing architecture, preservation, and tax planning to provide cohesive wealth management for entrepreneurs, affluent individuals, and their families over their lifetime.

Designed to accommodate your needs and the needs of your family, our approach is built on experience, technical acumen, care, institutional resource and a creative approach to the management of your wealth..

We recognise that your needs and aspirations are unique and we are committed to building a close relationship with you to ensure your they are understood and actioned.

Through this approach we provide proactive, relevant, value added advice and solutions.

Finding the right balance

Affluent private clients and their families possess varied tax and financial advisory requirements, all of which necessitate equal consideration.

While numerous financial institutions excel in managing investment portfolios, addressing these broader needs is essential, as they stem from both financial objectives and emotional considerations.

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Tailored strategies

We manage UK and overseas assets to preserve wealth, promote growth, and generate income.

Additionally, we assist our clients in understanding the potential tax implications for their personal and commercial positions and help them develop strategies to alleviate this tax burden.

Meeting your needs

Our approach is built on experience, technical acumen, care, institutional resources, and a creative approach to wealth management.

Our service is designed to accommodate not only your needs but also those of your family.

We recognise that every client has different needs and aspirations and we are committed to building close relationships and investing time in understanding people’s needs, strategies, and future plans. Through this approach, we provide proactive, relevant, value-added advice, and solutions.

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Architecture created to support your wealth

Wealth architecture involves crafting and implementing effective wealth management solutions. This process begins with understanding the motivations behind your financial goals.

Similar to how a thoughtfully designed building harmonises with its surroundings, a well-crafted wealth management solution aligns with the environment you aim to establish for your family.

During the architectural phase of our advisory process, we delve into your objectives and present initial proposals for the structures we intend to employ.

Many of our clients find this phase instrumental in their journey of managing substantial assets for themselves and their families.

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Listening and understanding, then building the architecture to create a global structure for you and your family’s wealth

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Managing the move from wealth creation to wealth preservation to ensure that what you have worked so hard to create – lasts


Tax Planning

Creating a coordinated tax plan, focused on efficiency and helping you manage multiple jurisdictions

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Ensuring that your legacy is clearly articulated and your loved ones will be supported when the time comes

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Aetas Partners is a financial consultancy, founded by Daniel Cottam and Matthew Steiner, to offer a wide range of services for individuals, families, and businesses through our unique “Private Office Platform.”

Our vision for this platform is to bring together specialist advisers who provide a coordinated and holistic service, which is always tailored to your specific circumstances – so that you have an integrated, comprehensive, and expert approach to your financial wellbeing – in one place.

Daniel Cottam and Matthew Steiner - founders of Aetas Partners