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There are times in life when you experience significant changes in your personal, family or business circumstances, sometimes these changes are expected and sometimes not.

Milestone life events

There are of course the big events that you look forward to, such as getting married, starting your family, children starting university and celebrating milestone birthdays with friends and family.

When the unexpected happens

Sadly, some clients will only talk to an adviser after an unexpected or sudden event has occurred. The sudden death of a partner, the trauma of divorce or an unforeseen medical diagnosis such as cancer or dementia are examples which could have a lasting impact on you. (It pays to plan ahead, being proactive not reactive.)

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What does this mean for you?

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Big life events can be emotionally and financially unsettling and sometimes overwhelming, so knowing who you can turn to for help and advice is critical.

This is why we have a team of relevant specialist advisers that you can rely on to support and help you throughout these challenging periods.

Clients tell us that:

This helps you cope with the emotional impact and worry this may cause you financially, circumstances because finding a solution on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating for you and not provide the best outcome for your circumstances.

Our team have direct experience of these life changing events and knows how to best to approach these times with sensitivity.

Why not start with an initial chat with one of our team.

The Aetas Partners approach

About us

We created our comprehensive approach to family wealth management, because we saw how exhausting and time consuming the advice process could be.

This unique collaborative approach brings together all the expert advice you’ll need, including:

As a client of Aetas Partners you’ll save time, discover new options and choose solutions that suit your specific requirements.

This enables you to achieve the best possible outcomes, both now and in the future.

About us

How we help you

Based on our knowledge, insights and experience we’ve developed our Family Wealth Management Model™.

This comprehensive process will guide you through the key planning stages that will help you to discover the right options, whilst expanding your knowledge and understanding about the impact of your choices.


Lifetime discovery

Explore what matters most for your specific circumstances


Building foundations

A proactive plan built on firm legal and financial foundations


Living life well

Feel reassured and ready for whatever life may throw at you

What clients say

"I always find the team at Aetas so helpful in connecting me with the experts that I need. They are always able to find me a suitable expert when I need one."
Penelope Groves
"The team and support are second to none. experts in their field."
Jack Hogan

Empowering your financial decisions

We’re a specialist financial consultancy providing you with practical advice for all stages of family life.

As your lifetime adviser we’ll help you to:

In addition to financial and estate planning we work with other leading specialists to provide wider complementary services which form the basis of our Family Wealth Management Model™ approach.

Help for your family and your business

Mother and young daughter playing on the sofa at home

For your family

We’ve created a comprehensive and effective approach to family wealth management.  

Based on our direct experience, our approach pulls together all the key elements you will need. 

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For your business

Whether you’re an owner, director or shareholder, our business service provides the framework, advice and support to navigate your way through business challenges – whatever the stage of your business.