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No-fault divorce – Aiming for Reduced Conflict 

On 6 April 2022, we will see the most significant changes to divorce law in this country for almost half a century. On this date, the ‘Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020’ will come into force, transforming the current process for divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships and changing how couples can legally end their marriage or civil partnership.

The main changes include:

  1. Divorce can be jointly applied for by a couple
  2. There will no longer be a need to set out any reasons for why the marriage has broken down 
  3. A divorce can only be challenged if the person applying for it does not have the right to a divorce in England and Wales
  4. To allow time for reflection, there will be a minimum 20-week time frame before an application for divorce can be made final 
  5. The removal of outdated legal jargon currently used in divorce and by the Court – this will be replaced with updated terms.

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