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Why we founded Aetas Partners

We’re a boutique financial consultancy who combine independent financial planning with specialist advice in a unique collaborative approach that saves time, reduces frustration and ensures you achieve your best financial outcomes.

When we founded Aetas Partners in 2021 we wanted to create a new approach to lifetime and intergenerational financial planning.

With over 20 years’ experience in financial services, Matthew recognised there was a significant gap in the advice and support being offered to clients in estate and succession planning.

Bridging the gap

The Aetas Partners innovative approach brings together coordinated advice from a variety of professional disciplines such as financial planning, wealth management, tax advice and property services.

As a result, you benefit from a comprehensive solution from a trusted network of private client professionals, which is co-ordinated by the team at Aetas Partners.

Aetas Mission and Meaning

We chose the name ‘Aetas’ as our brand name because it aligns with our mission:

To transform the delivery of lifetime and succession planning advice by integrating professional expertise to create and manage a harmonious plan that delivers better client outcomes.

Aetas means ‘a lifetime or generation’ or ‘an age, era, term or duration’

Aetas Brand Values

A family

Family centric

  • Keeping the wellbeing of you and your family at the heart of our work
  • Educating (or informing) you and your family on possibilities and options (or sharing possibilities and options with you and your family)
  • Focusing on lifetime and long-term succession and financial planning to mitigate unnecessary taxation


  • Open and transparent relationships through encouraging conversations and sharing ideas
  • Connecting with the right professionals to create bespoke services and solutions for each client
  • Providing better outcomes for clients
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  • Careful curation of investments to align with long term client objectives
  • Balance the interests and impact of people, profit, and planet in line with ESG principles
  • Monitor and reduce the impact of our operation

Meet the team


Director and Head of Private Clients

Financial Advocates

Private client advisers

Administration & support

Financial Controller

Goodbye frustration, hello collaboration

Explore our services in more detail

Independent financial advisers

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Specialist professional advisers

Complementary services

Help for you, your family and your business

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For you

A comprehensive and effective approach to managing your wealth, both during your lifetime and for the legacy you plan to leave.

Based on our direct experience, our approach pulls together all the key elements you’ll need.

For your family

We’ve created a comprehensive and effective approach to family wealth management.

Based on our direct experience, our approach pulls together all the key elements you will need.

For your business

Whether you’re an owner, director or shareholder, our business service provides the framework, advice and support to navigate your way through business challenges – whatever the stage of your business.

How we help you

Based on our knowledge, insights and experience we’ve developed our Family Wealth Management Model™.

This comprehensive process will guide you through the key planning stages that will help you to discover the right options, whilst expanding your knowledge and understanding about the impact of your choices.


Lifetime discovery

Explore what matters most for your specific circumstances.


Building foundations

A proactive plan built on firm legal and financial foundations


Living life well

Feel reassured and ready for whatever life may throw at you

What clients say

"I always find the team at Aetas so helpful in connecting me with the experts that I need. They are always able to find me a suitable expert when I need one."
Penelope Groves
"The team and support are second to none. experts in their field."
Jack Hogan

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Data for August highlighted that weaker household spending and increasing interest rates contributed towards a decline in demand for services and goods during the month.

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