Reasons Why You Should Regularly Review Your Will

Your Will can easily become outdated, particularly when key life events occur, or there are significant changes to your financial circumstances. Key life events such as having children, marriage, divorce or civil partnerships should prompt a review of your will to ensure that your loved ones are protected.

Over time, your Will can become outdated so that it does not reflect your current financial position, nor your plans for your estate when you die.  An outdated will could also increase the chances of a claim being made against your estate.

Good times to consider revising your Will:

  • Marriage/ civil partnership/divorce
  • After a birth
  • Following a death
  • When there is significant financial change
  • When moving home

It is important to keep your will under regular review as it represents a “snapshot” of your wishes and circumstances from the time that it was made, so it can easily become out of date. 

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